Figure 1A: The signs of erosion in a civilisation are not always immediately identifiable to those watching from the inside.

As the erosion of the United States and its satellite countries continues, people are looking for answers to these ills and responding through the only means left to them: abstinence. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) has gained momentum when males have decided that marriage and interaction with members of the opposite sex has become so toxic that it is neither safe nor worth the sacrifice.

Incels have chosen a life of virginity/celibacy either out of frustration (as they have been cast out by elements of their peer group) or by choice when encountering the beleaguering prospect of finding the “right woman.”

Women have responded in like by diving into their careers and surrendering their option to childbirth and some even becoming rabid anti-natalists at times.

Now another group has arisen. These are women who have chosen to go into a life of permanent abstinence. This is accomplished by entering nunneries. The following documentary really piqued my interest on this growing phenomenon.

All of these things do not make a civilisation’s population grow but rather it diminishes. This is a strong warning for the future. As Alt-Left and Alt-Right (both of whom refuse to speak to each other in any meaningful way) start to lose their relevance, what remains are still large pockets of people that are not sure what to do but know that they want no part in the direction that their neighbourhood, city, state/country or country is going.

So they are clocking out by not taking part in interaction, reproduction or tending families; you know, the very MARROW of a society and civilisation.

It is only through the passage of time that we will know if this trend is reversible or whether the downward spiral is indeed part of something more permanent that signals the end to a civilisation that only had its spark lit some 200 years ago.

Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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