Figure 1A: The creation of a group of people called transgender has no more remedied society’s ills than the creation of the groups teenagers, tweenies or prostitots.

Please have a look at the following video below for a very thought provoking presentation and investigation on the topic of people having sex change operations and then changing their minds and wanting to go back to being normal. This issue has always been there but the difference is in the world of the internet it can no longer be hidden as was the case in the ’80s when this matter became much more prominent. The DSM has had this along with homosexuality and bestiality closely listed in its chapters until recently.

One can dig up PDFs, journal articles, read testimonials, examine peer reviewed journals, see data on how the operation is carried out and much more. This might be the type of disclosure needed to dislodge the foolishly entrenched argument that transgender issues can be compared to race issues.


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