Figure 1A: Theft of Zakat ul-Fitr and Sadaqah has long been a problem in local communities, with the common Muslim being the main loser.

The article below highlights the continued theft of wealth from common Muslims. It is not just the Zakat ul-Fitr being stolen but also Sadaqah that believers put together for the purpose of bettering their communities. As there is no regulatory body to watch this wealth and track it, it goes unchecked like so many other things.


Dispute over donations to Worcester’s Jalalabad Association

CONTROVERSY: The Jalalabad Association mosque, in Vincent Road, Worcester

A CITY mosque chairman was confronted by concerned worshippers over his alleged failure to keep records of donations.

Multiple sources claim there was a heated argument between members of the Jalalabad Association and its chairman, Muhidur Rahman, after prayers on Friday, January 18.

However, city councillor Allah Ditta, who attends the mosque, in Vincent Road, Worcester, said it was simply a case of financial mismanagement.

The Charity Commission launched a probe into the Jalalabad Association after it failed to submit accounts for 2012 and from 2014 to 2017.

A worshipper at the mosque said: “Someone said [to the chairman] that every Friday there’s money being raised and none of it’s being declared.

“Most honest mosques – if they don’t count it on the day – then as soon as they have counted the amount they put it on the wall.

“They also leave a list, so people know what’s been collected. They have failed to do that, so no-one knows what’s collected.”

He added that the chairman also faced questions about how the organisation could resolve the situation.

The source said the chairman saw this as a challenge and threatened the worshipper.

Muhidur Rahman, chairman of the Jalalabad Association

Mr Rahman refused to comment, although he denied threatening anyone.

The worshipper added: “There should be three outgoing things: the Imam’s wages, the utility bills and the maintenance of the building.

“As far as everyone knows these have been paid for. There shouldn’t be any problems with the bookkeeping, so why’s there a backlog?”

The mosque broadcasts prayers over digital radio and some people heard the confrontation in their homes, according to two sources.

Another worshipper, whose wife heard the dispute, said: “People give money in the donation box and hand-to-hand.

“People also pay subscriptions, for their kids to go there after school.

“If I give £20 how do I know that money has not been pocketed? I’m just having faith.”

However, Allah Ditta defended Mr Rahman and said it was a case of financial mismanagement.

He added: “We had a conversation a couple of weeks ago. He showed me that four years of accounts are being dealt with and one year will be finished at the end of the month .

“He said he wants to resolve the issue and then move on [resign].”

Cllr Ditta believes that the argument was part of a ‘power struggle’ at the mosque, which revolved around religious teachers, known as Imams.

A few months ago, before prayers, the councillor said he heard the mosque announce how much it had recently collected in donations.


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