TIME TO GET OUT: White Knights ride again?

Figure 1A: The White Knights in full uniform.

The following article below should drive home the reality to Muslims that they need to seek domicile elsewhere and their betterment in another location. Having fought the White Knights on numerous occasions, whether it be the police, the National Guard, the sheriff, CHPs (which recruit from the White Knights), I have seen just about every permutation of this group. Lyndon B. Johnson fought them to a stalemate on the Equal Rights Act and it cost him his presidency.

No one has fought them and not sustained some scars. The White Knights of the KKK grew out of the 1820s and at the time had a foothold in the Democratic Republican Party.

(this would later implode and out of its collapse would come the Democrats and the GOP; it is not as some claim that the Klan was always “democrat” The rise of the KKK came when there was no democratic party; they were Democratic Republicans)

Since that time they have burrowed into law enforcement, the judiciary and so many other facets of US life that not encountering them is rare. Their power comes from being invisible, hence the nickname the “Invisible Empire”.

I am not making reference to a franchise of the KKK or a particular chapter that may/may not be bankrupt. I am talking about the White Knights of the Order of Columbus of the Ku Klux Klan. They have never been out of business and most likely never will be.

My family and I have encountered the White Knights in Annapolis, Maryland, Louisiana, Washington State, Oregon, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. These men are no joke and they mean business about what they say. They don’t make threats; they make promises.

I have been shown over and over again that the only way to contend with these men (and I use the word reservedly) is through physical confrontation. The Muslims who have gone into millennial ideology or liberal thought that intersects with it are wholly unprepared for a battle of this type. It is for this reason that my advice is to leave if you are not prepared to exert the maximum level of force necessary to resist them.


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