Figure 1A: We might not be receiving the full picture on North Korea.


The following is a documentary on North Korea conducted by RT. What is significant is that although there are diplomatic disputes between these two countries on a host of issues, the documentary team seek to give a fuller and less biased view of North Korea. Examples include the haircut. The US media began running a trope that everyone must have the same haircut as their leader or face death for disobedience. Yet we see men and women with all different kinds of haircuts.

We can also see in the documentary mobile phones masts, internet cafes and activity and most of the things that we would expect to see in any large city in the world. The fact is the rest of the world is trading and making agreements with North Korea, the only exception being the US and its devotees.

The world is moving on without the US, which means that 100+ countries are coming to their own conclusions and their citizens – in increasing numbers – are visiting the “most secretive society on earth.”

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