The following video below indicates the action that men are starting to take to avoid the impact of female harassment, impingement into their spaces and baseless sexual harassment charges. Men are choosing to just stay away from women unless they are their direct family.

This side effect has even shown up in France where public cafes, long the stomping grounds of the youth, male and female, are nearly all a male preserve. The “undercover reporter” who covered this story attempted to link it to the riots in France and how older brothers took over to bring their younger brothers in line (one of the interviewees even quipped that the authority of the parents was “more legitimate” rather than that of the brothers; this strange comment deserves its own article).

A small attempt was made to link this with religion and culture; upon looking at the video again, this seems simplistic. The men there were not just North African. There seems to be a growing desire for men in these suburbs to have their own spaces (as if men deserve them!) so that they are free from the long arm of me too.

This means no women, no girls. No members of the “fairer sex.” As these things progress to their natural end, do not be surprised if you see the re-emergence of “men’s clubs” and other social gatherings marketed exclusively towards men.

One response to “2 RAMADAN 1440 AH MESSAGE: NOW YOU’VE DONE IT

  1. These Western women have such a disturbed mindset, they speak of freedom and liberty and yet have difficulty when men want their own place?

    Whether the men choose to do it out of avoiding harassment, privacy or a religious reason, according to the ideology of the West it should be accepted and respected, because that is freedom to do what one wants. Or perhaps it is a limited type of freedom, ‘do anything you want, except the things that go against our mindset’.

    The people in this age have lost their way.

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