3 Ramadan 1440 AH

There has been constant droning in some circles that Venezuela and Cuba are failing due to the fact that they are socialist and not capitalist and therefore people are running for the hills. The issue then brings the question:

Was Venezuela a failure when 20% of people were lifted out of poverty?

Was Venezuela a failure when it nationalised the oil (the largest reserves in the world) and began trading?

Was Venezuela a failure when it cut ties with the world bank and started using solid commodities to back its currency?

All of these things happened under Chavez. The issue was the same as it was with Muhammad Mossadeq, King Faisal of Iraq, King Talal of Jordan, Fidel Castro of Cuba (when he first swept into power) and so many others.

This has nothing to do with regimes. It has to do with the United States and its hunger for wealth (in a country that is 2% of the world’s population but is consuming most of its natural resources). No, I am not a socialist (I reject as it is nothing to do with Islam); but the sickening actions that have been happening over the past few years of ’80s rhetoric in trying to place the world into “they’re neo-Marxist” or “they’re cultural Marxists” and the like and “they’re free market capitalists” labels has just been unbearably annoying.

The fact of the matter is that we are being presented with a metamorphisised form of Americanism which some people have imbibed without reflection, just like religious indifferentism. Fortunately, others can also see this ’80s foolishness. Below is a video about Venezuela that presents things in a very clear light.

Enough of this. Stop living in the ’80s. That decade is over. And for someone who lived through most of the ’70s and all of the ’80s growing up, I am glad that it and most of its people are DEAD.

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