9 Ramadan 1440 AH message

Imam Muwaffaq ud-Din Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi (d. 620 AH (AD 1146), may Allah be pleased with him, said of debate in the Religion:

“And it is from the sunnah to abandon the people of innovation and their innovation and to remain distinct from them. And it is from the Sunnah to leave disputation and debate in the Religion. And it is from the Sunnah to leave looking into the books of the innovators and inclining to their speech.

“Every newly invented matter in the Religion is an innovation and every one speaking false words without Islam and the Sunnah is an innovator such as in the case of: the Rafidah, the Jahmiyyah, The Khawarij, the Qadariyyah, the Murji’ah, the Mu`tazilah, the Karramiyyah, the Kullabiyyah and those similar to them. These are astray cults and groups of innovation. And may Allah save us from them.” Taken from Lum’at ul-I’tiqad: Al-Hadi Ila Sabil ir-Rashad, pp. 18-19

This tiny section saved me a lifetime of heartache. Yet here we have people arguing in the foundations of the Religion, something we were forbidden from, neither of them knowing anything. One, Kam from the West Coast, joined the NOI cult and stubbornly refused to leave it for anything else while Mutah Beale not long ago joined Salafiyyah cult. What takes place in the video is a cautionary tale about what disputation leads to and why the cults must always be avoided.

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