Imam Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali (d. 795 AH), may Allah be pleased with him, declared about the first month, Muharram:

Some of the scholars would stand in the early morning and then sleep in the night without standing in prayer. One of them that night saw a dream in which two men came to him and one of them said to the other:

“This is from those who seek for forgiveness in the early morning and then left the light. Whoever has a heart, then let him use it! Whoever has time with Allah, let him use that time for standing in the night and then go forward and fast in the daytime. Let the fasting by a means of putting you back upon the night prayer that you left.”

You have left from the companionship in the night due to all and you’re with someone besides us,

Look at how you abandoned the night prayer which at one point was with us!

You swear that you will not change and allow yourselves to be tempted by desires,

You are going contrary to the original covenant by not doing what was done by those in the past!

It is in the nights we seek our sustenance and our love,

My heart is attached to those nights, attached to the beloved.

Source: Lata’if ul-Ma`arif Fima Li-Mawasim il-`Ami Min Al-Waza’if, pp. 50-52

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