Imam Muhammad Said ibn Muhammad Badran (d. 1435), brother of the current marja’, Imam Isma’il ibn Badran Ad-Dumi.

So in this current time, the same wickedness has reared its head and in the same fashion I have to distance myself from it and make sure that I stay in the third camp. Let us make this clear for all to understand.

I am neither Salafi/Wahhabi or what have you on one end of the spectrum nor am I Maturidi/Ash’ari on the other end of the spectrum. Both interpret the Names and Attributes of Allah and I am virulently opposed to this altogether.

In the case of Salafiyyah, they interpret them so that they are literal in order to insist that this is the case. On the other hand, those who interpret from the other camp do so in the declaration that they are “declaring Allah free from resembling His Creation and according to what befits His Majesty”. (this is almost a word for word account of what Salafiyyah claims).

The situation now that has come to my attention is that I have regularly been accosted regarding my theology (which has its antecedents in the First Three Generations) to the point that recently under a post by a venerable faqih, namely Shaikh Muhammad Jamil Ash-Shatti (d. 1379), I was asked if the early Hanbalis were those who likened Allah with His Creation.

This disgusting and evil intended “query” will be the last such one that I will countenance. I will now endeavour to make a more clear statement in distancing myself from affairs that are harmful to the main body of the Muslims (who are not invested in any of the battles that these groups so diligently chase after) who have been and are of the same theology as Imam Ahmad and the rest of the First Three Generations.

The root of this comes from none other than the missionaries of this thinking themselves. It is not isolated but something that is growing day by day and this same disgusting castigation of the greatest theologians this Ummah has ever known back to Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal continues unabated.

The most recent incident was this following below:

In this presentation (at the 2:02:50 mark in which I believe one of the “imams” takes a question on “hambaalees”) that was sent to me as a recommendation, the “imams” in this video decided to “proclaim the Creed of Ahl us-Sunnah” and in the process of doing so soiled themselves and launched a very sloppy and slovenly smear campaign against the great theologians of this Ummah.

There are atleast two of them that know better than to do something like this but in their cowardice they remained silent (to their detriment on the Day of Resurrection) and allowed this travesty and blameworthy behaviour to continue.

And it is this very vile, vitriolic and utterly despicable behaviour that inspires the indigent Slaves of Allah that leave me the messages in comments and e-mails.

And this is not all there is on the topic. There’s actually more!

The fact of the matter is we know that they are not reading through original, contemporaneous source material. They are only reading what they are told and what they have learned from their “shaykhs”.

And it is this that we intend to get to the bottom of before it is all said and done. This is being propagated, so we have to challenge it.

But they can’t help themselves, speaking things they don’t know about, so we’re going to help them and also resist the takfir on the greatest theologians this Ummah has known.

If you share these men’s opinions and baseless ideas, stay out of the way. I make no apologies for presenting the theology of the First Three Generations, in fact the only theology. All others are judged by how they match with it. This will not be a debate but a presentation like always.

And with Allah is every success.

Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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