Dear readers,

Great things are on the horizon. I have been blessed with barakah in a great deal of my time and I would like to share some of this with you presently.

Meeraath Website

I had wanted to complete the website deadline some two months ago but I was not able to as I was not happy with the layout yet. Changes and updates continue and this should be ready soon.

2nd edition print of The Divine Texts

This is going to be ready in the next month. I received the cover print and was not satisfied yet. We are still working on this presently. This will have the Arabic in the text and this swells the book to around 350 pages. Notes longer than four sentences, i.e. a paragraph, will be placed in the back of the book under an appendices section.

2nd edition print of The Way of Muslim Orthodoxy

This is being reworked as we speak and will be coming after The Divine Texts appears. The size of the book will also be similar to all the other books as feedback from the readers was nearly unanimous in dislike of the large print layout. Instead, we will have the Arabic expression, followed by the English translation right under it. The initial plan was for the text to be large print to enable memorisation.

The issue is that so many Muslims in the Anglosphere are poor readers that this will have to be done solely in another edition separate to this one. We are very happy with the feedback and are looking forward to a better, more improved edition the second time around.

2nd edition print of The Divine Lightning

This will take longer than the above two as we are actually comparing manuscripts so we ask for your continued patience. One way or the other, this will be coming to you soon after the above two. Again this will have the Arabic and English. One of the most important improvements is that any footnote longer than four sentences, i.e. a paragraph, will be put in the back of the book in the appendices section. Those that so want to reference for a lengthier treatment of the topic in the main text shall find it there. Those already familiar may continue without their reading pleasure being disturbed or intrusive notes that might break the flow of the main body of the text.

Other texts

The final review of The Life and Times of Abu `Umar Al-Maqdisi is up (meaning I am nearing the end of it) and this is why I have not yet put it on Amazon for mass distribution. I had to make adjustments to the translated text, add a few more notes and also proofread the appendix one more time just for my own satisfaction. There are other books to come but their arrival is pending the second edition being complete.

Thank you to our readers for your continued patience and also for all of the support given in the past. I have some of the most loyal and diligent subscribers to this blog. It is you that make all the work that goes on in the background both worthwhile and exciting.

Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali