What Anglosphere Islam does not Teach you

In spite of the ecumenical farce that is American Islam and its illegitimate daughter British Islam, both of them and their offshoots are extremely intolerant and insular. This is particularly strange considering the fact that they are hard left and it would be assumed that they are to be more accommodating. This is unfortunately not the case. Please see below about the risks taken by a Muslim against Salafiyyah and the rights he preserved for others. This is what is expected for Muslims.


 Nick Reilly,Yahoo News UK 10 hours ago
Norodin Alonto Lucman harboured Christians from the fighting (Picture: YouTube)

A Muslim man in the Philippines has been hailed a hero after he provided safety for 64 Christians who were being hunted by Islamist militants on the besieged island of Mindanao.

The Isis-affiliated gunmen stormed the island last week and have been locked in fierce fighting with the Filipino army in the city of Marawi.

The fighting has led 90 per cent of the island’s population to flee – those left behind face death and persecution at the hands of the militants.

Miraculously, some 64 Christians left on the island have been provided with sanctuary after a former Muslim politician opened his doors to provide sanctuary from the fighting.

Norodin Alonto Lucman provided sanctuary to dozens of people – and says the militants would only get to those being protected ‘over my dead body’.


Marawi is currently the battleground between Islamic militants and the Philippine army (Picture: REX)

Mr Lucman explains that Christians ‘couldn’t leave the city, so I had to take responsibility in protecting them.’

‘The following days, other Christian workers took refuge in my house. There were about 64 of them in my hands and I was very determined that nothing happens to them’, he explained.

Incredibly, he also risked his life by marching the Christians to safety outside the city, waving a white flag as he walked through war-town Marawi.

At one point, he was stopped by fighters who asked if they were Christians – but he was allowed to continue after responding with the Muslim rallying cry of ‘Allahu Akbar.’

At present, government estimates claim that the fighting has taken the lives of 120 militants, 38 government forces and 20 civilians.


WHEN THE MOON LETS YOU DOWN: Why the Sunnah of Sighting the Moon is Crucial

Figure 1A: The new and improved `Eid advertisement on the SAME NIGHT after pressure and contravention of the Revealed Law.


Figure 2A: When the crescent has not been sighted, the month will be 30 days. Thus `Eid will be on the Monday 26th June AD 2017.


Eid ul-Fitr 1438 AH

Praise be to the Lord of all Creation. This is an amazing time. We have fasted, we have made mistakes while fasting and also in our wealth. We have given Zakat ul-Fitr in the hope that the Lord finds this acceptable as a compensation for our mistakes. We only know this as He told us this is pleasing to Him.

The moon was not seen in the UK, Morocco or any of the Muslim heartlands, thus we will have a Ramadan that is 30 days. This will mean that Eid ul-Fitr is this coming Monday. I would like to congratulate everyone that sacrificed so much in this month, my two older children for fasting the whole month and the smaller two for doing half days and a few fulls.

They showed patience. Thank you to the Ummah in Upper Egypt, the very origin of the Arabs and the Land of Kinanah.

Until next time,

Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


Figure 1A: The Supreme Court building of the United States. This inspired the daughter court in the UK in AD 1997.

Once again, the state – which injected itself into the void left when it destroyed religion in the UK – has demanded absolute allegiance and control over children. This ruling in the UK Supreme Court (which is a rip off of the harlot of New Babylon – the United States) re-asserts that the state is deity and it demand homage amounting to worship in the same way that the Catholic Church did in the past if people took mass lightly.

It is for this reason that I say to people again: do not send your children into the pagan school system. You must either educate them at home or create small networks where families come together and take on this task. You are the ones responsible for this obligation for your children. If you do not do so, you cannot complain when the state makes your children informants and worshippers that tell on you. Please see the article below:


Term-Time Holidays: Jon Platt Found Guilty Of Taking Daughter On ‘Unauthorised Trip’ To Disney World

Amy Packham,HuffPost UK 18 hours ago

In May 2016, Platt won his appeal against the £120 fine in a High Court ruling, however, the Isle of Wight council asked Supreme Court justices to overturn the decision.

In April 2017, Platt lost the Supreme Court battle over taking his daughter on holiday during term time.

The Supreme Court justices considered whether or not Platt committed an offence by failing to ensure his daughter “attended school regularly”, as required by section 444(1) of the 1996 Education Act.

They ruled that “regular attendance” had to be keeping with rules of the school.

After the Supreme Court made their ruling, the case was returned to the magistrates’ court in the Isle of Wight.

The landmark decision is likely to affect millions of parents’ decisions about taking their children out of school to go on holiday.

It is hoped the Supreme Court will also provide some clarity on how much school can be missed before parents are prosecuted.

A Department for Education spokesperson previously told The Huffington Post UK: “The evidence is clear that every extra day of school missed can affect a pupil’s chance of gaining good GCSEs, which has a lasting effect on their life chances.

“We are confident our policy to reduce school absence is clear and correct.‎

“We are clear that children’s attendance at school is non-negotiable so we will now look to change the legislation. We also plan to strengthen statutory guidance to schools and local authorities.”




Figure 1A: The Central An-Nuri Masjid of Mosul.

Please see the article below and now understand that the war continues between Muslim Orthodoxy (Ar. Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jama`ah) and Salafiyyah (Ar. Khawarij) in all of its forms. This will lead to a war of attrition and it will not stop until there is one, undisputed winner. Muslim Orthodoxy continues to make advances but they will not be without significant losses. Please see the article below:


Islamic State Blows Up Historic Nuri Mosque in Mosul

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

By Juan Cole / Informed Comment


Al-Hayat (Life) reports that on Wednesday evening around 9:30 pm local time, Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) blew up the Nuri Mosque in Mosul.

The destruction of the 800-year-old edifice was undertaken at a time when Iraqi government troops were closing in on this area in Mosul’s Old City, the last remaining bastion of Daesh there, where 3,000 fighters are still keeping some 100,000 people as human shields. That is about a tenth the strength they initially had.

I once called the destruction by the U.S. Air Force of the annex to the Iraqi National Archives where 19th century administrative documents were housed a “cliocide,” a killing of history itself. The razing of the Nuri Mosque is another act of cliocide. Ironically, I also once suggested that the main antecedent for Daesh, of a state that held both Mosul and Aleppo, was the Zangid polity before the rise of Saladin Ayyubi. Daesh emulated the Zangids geographically and now they have wiped out one of their major surviving architectural legacies.

Iraq prime minister Haydar al-Abadi remarked that the terrorist organization was, through this act, announcing its own defeat.

This is a fair observation. Daesh was proud of having captured Mosul and of having taken that mosque, built in the rule of Nur al-Din Zangi, a Muslim ruler who held Mosul and Aleppo during the era of the medieval Crusades. They would not have destroyed the mosque where their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared his claim to the caliphate (a lapsed medieval institution akin to the Christian papacy) unless they knew they were about to lose control of it.

Daesh has beheaded and otherwise slaughtered so many real, living human beings that it is perhaps wrong to concentrate on the destruction of a mere building.

But historical consciousness matters, and helps make us who we are. Mosulis were fiercely proud of the great mosque. Its minaret famously leaned, and that seems to have started happening soon after it was built. The medieval traveler Ibn Battuta spoke of seeing a leaning structure at the city’s citadel, and he likely was referring to this mosque.

The siege of Daesh has gone on for months, and the Iraqi counter-terrorism brigades are exhausted. They continue to fight on, and will eventually liberate all of Mosul.

Daesh sought support from sympathizers by falsely claiming that the U.S. struck at the mosque. The U.S. Air Force, however, denied that it was running any bombing raids in that part of Mosul.

We are seeing the slow destruction of Daesh as a territorial state. Eventually West Mosul will fall (though they have put up a more bloody-minded and dogged existence than anyone would have imagined.). Daesh believes that the last days are upon us, and its destruction of the mosque is likely an announcement of the near advent of the Judgment Day in their eyes. But actually we’ll all be around for a while to do ordinary non-apocalyptic politics.

But the grievances that gave rise to Daesh and led to the establishment of this iniquitous city-date are still there. How Baghdad treats post-war Mosul will be crucial.


Purchase: No Gods No Masters

Figure 1A: The text, No Gods No Masters by Daniel Guerin. 

I recently purchased this text on the recommendation of a colleague who is a specialist in anarchism (yes, there are specialists in the field) who broke down to me the distinction between primitivism and anarchism. When I asked for an anthology of their thought or some type of motherbook to refer back to, No Gods  No Masters by Daniel Guerin was made reference to and I made the purchase.

It was said to me in the 1980s that as the society in the US becomes more liberal (how could it be more liberal than the foundation of the US itself) it will eventually find its way to anarchism, which is the nexus of all European origin or style civilisations through history.

I recently was re-introduced to the topic through the rise of the primitivist movement, which is a subset of anarchism. Once I have completed the text, I will give a more detailed book review. Until then, take care and keep reading.

ZAKAT UL-FITR: So Why the Importance?

Figure 1A: Zakat ul-Fitr packs prepared by brother and myself this year that went to 11 people and a homeless shelter. Whenever I am asked, “So why do you do it?” I just show them this picture and the rest is put to bed. This is and not some quaint Sunnah, but a rite and a right, infact a compulsory action that must be completed to compensate our fasting and wealth.

Today, Ramadan 27, 1438, we were able to complete the purchase of the food for Zakat ul-Fitr and then distribute it. Ramadan has been amazing, hot, sticky, damp, soaking wet, long in du`aa and short in shortcomings.

This has been such an amazing month and this was unbelievable. Just being alive and able to give Zakah is such a treasure and blessing.

So what’s the big deal?

Zakat ul-Fitr is a purification for the wealth and the fasting and any other shortcomings that were brought about in the month (for the fasting) and the year (for the wealth).

So for those who have savings over the year from Ramadan to Ramadan that has not decreased – in the form of gold and silver (not jewellery) or taken from wealth through commerce – this requires purification, an expiation (Ar. kaffarah).

Those who will fast this month of Ramadan that is to commemorate the Revelation of the Qur’an, they will need to purify any mistakes made in fasting. Remember that mistakes in fasting in Ramadan also require an expiation or compensation.

We serve a Holy (Ar. Quddus) and Righteous (Ar. Barr) Lord and He has given us the means to carry out the worship in the way that is pleasing to Him. When we fall short, He accepts our efforts if they are accompanied with sincerity and accompanied with the conditions he requires.

Zakat ul-Fitr is just one example of this point.

The Rights of Others – Now Picture This…

When examining the eight categories mentioned by the marja` people in the last post, we can see that one area may have all eight, another some of them but there will always be one category.

There is always someone getting out of jail, who was a prisoner, who is a widow, who is travelling, who is burdened with debt, who is a warrior headed out to the theatre of war (Ar. jihad), who is destitute (Ar. faqir), who is needy (Ar. miskin) and who has come to the Religion or is inclined and is a potential ally and deserves help.

These are all people who have their rights. What would have happened if people who are unabashed enemies to Islam today were given Zakat ul-Fitr along with the other seven categories.

Even if they never became Muslim, they would perhaps have developed a different understanding of Muslims as a group of people, no matter where they resided.

The Future

Zakat ul-Fitr, as I mentioned above, is purification for us. No matter what… we all have shortcomings, days when we were not at our best, groceries that possessed that one item that we were “sure” of but in reality had some doubt and may have went back to a doubtful or impermissible matter.

Zakat ul-Fitr given in food is not only the best option, it is crucial and the only option to bring together the weak and indigent in this Ummah and gain nearness to Allah and be purified simultaneously.

This is the best way. Anything else is income tax.

Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


Finsbury Park: How Important are Details?

Figure 1A: North London Central Mosque; the REAL Finsbury Park Masjid and affectionately called “The Finnie.”

When I actually first heard this I looked out for news and tried to think how a van would be able to get to the Finsbury Park Mosque when it is located on St. Thomas’ Road on the one way in/one way out system. How would the van get in there as its a pedestrian/bike zone? Maybe it jumped the curb, I thought.

Figure 2A: Muslim Welfare House on Seven Sisters Road near the fly over and only a five minute walk from the Moroccan-Jewish bakery.

Then I looked and realised it was not the North London Central Masjid (locally known as Finsbury Park Masjid and often affixed with the word “infamous” before its’ title) but it was at the Muslim Welfare House (Ar. Dar Ri`aayah) on Seven Sisters Road. This explained how the van would be able to pull a U-ie and hit people right in front of the masjid.

The disturbing part is that the news agencies – even alternative sources that I rely on often times – have fallen into mixing the two up and then making a running commentary when the comparison is apples and D batteries.

North London Central Masjid is known as the “Finsbury Park Masjid” and sometimes called, “The Finnie,” due to its small, angular dome and skinny entrance. It is located on 7-11 St. Thomas’s Road, N7 2QH. This is the same masjid where Abu Hamza Al-Masri was the Imam, not Muslim Welfare House. Muslim Welfare House is on Seven Sisters Road and is in Finsbury Park but has never been called (in all the years I lived in north London) or referred to as “Finsbury Park Masjid.”

If you subtract this crucial point (and the fact that the imam stopped people from thrashing the suspect to death and helped put him in the ambulance), then all the Alt-Right media and MSMs have nothing to connect together other than the evil crime that happened. This goes to show that even if you dislike someone, you still have to maintain your attention to detail.

GIVING ZAKAT UL-FITR TO THE MASJID: The Politics of Stealing Zakah through Guilt

Figure 1A: Every year, masjids across the Anglosphere rob the common believers of the Zakat ul-Fitr that is due to the eight categories and instead use it for light bills, wages and dinner money.

Please see the Consensus ruling given below and understand that the masjids do not belong to the eight categories eligible for Zakat ul-Fitr as Allah has said:

Quran, Surah At-Tauba, Ayat 60

The obligatory sadaqah is only for the destitute, the needy, those employed to gather it, those whose hearts incline to the truth, slaves and prisoners, people burdened with debt, those in the Cause of Allah and the traveler. This is what has been ordained and declared by Allah. And indeed Allah is All Knowing, All Wise. Surat ut-Tawbah (9), ayah 60


Giving Zakat ul-Fitr to the Masjid

The following question was put to a marja`:

Is it permissible to maintain masjids Zakah?

The marja`, Imam Muhammad Zahid Al-Kawthari (d. 1371 AH), may Allah be pleased with him, said the following on the topic:

This question was put forward by `Abdul Maqsud Muhammad and the answer was printed in the number of the issue in the month of Safar Al-Khair in the year 1366AH in Al-Azhar Magazine.

The noble teacher put a personal stamp on this answer and said, “The Imams have differed in that matter. Some consider it permitted while another party forbid it but the evidence for those who take the position of prohibition is weak. As for the understanding that it is permissible, this is based on the strong evidence on the matter.”

The claim that permissibility is based on strong evidence is their understanding so that this made the answer like begging the question. He made the permissibility revolve around all acts of righteousness but not maintaining the masjids.

You can see the following statement from Ibn Hubairah Al-Hanbali[1] on the topic:

“The scholars have unanimously agreed on that it is neither permissible to discharge the Zakah for the building of a masjid nor the enshrouding and burying of the dead; this is even if it is the near relative that has Zakah set aside for that individual.”[2]

By “unanimously” he is referring to the Consensus of Abu Hanifah, Malik ibn Anas, Ash-Shafi`ii and Ahmad ibn Hanbal and their students on the impermissibility of discharging the Zakah to the masjid. This shows the agreement of those before them on the matter from the fiqh scholars of the Companions and Followers.

Imam Malik ibn Anas in Al-Mudawwanah is quoted as saying,

“It is not permissible that any of the individual’s zakah be given for the burial shroud or interment of the deceased as this type of Sadaqah is only for the destitute, the needy and the rest that Allah has mentioned. This form of sadaqah is not to be given for the dead nor the building of the masjids.” [3]

Ibn Hazm[4] mentioned in Al-Muhalla:

“When the topic of Zakat ul-Fitr is discussed, one of the grades is ‘striving in the Cause of Allah in the literal sense.’ ” [5]

This is a hadith of `Ata’ ibn Yassar being made reference to on the topic. Ibn Hazm further said, “The hadith runs, It is not permissible to give this type of Sadaqah to a wealthy man except a fifth given to the warrior marching out in the Cause of Allah. This is based in the hadith.” [6]

The argument being put forward is that the intent of “in the Cause of Allah” is that the Zakah may be discharged to the individual that is a warrior marching out to war. The author of Al-Muhalla goes on to say,

“There is no dispute in that He, Exalted be He, was not making reference to every type of righteousness in the topic of people deserving to receive Sadaqah. Thus Zakah is not to be given except when there is a clear text and this was already mentioned by ourselves beforehand.” [7]

This refers to the warrior and he is specifically mentioned in the ayah under the heading of in “the Cause of Allah” in the aforementioned hadith which was collected by Malik ibn Anas, `Abdur-Razzaq As-Sana`ani, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah.

This is evidence that the sense of “Cause of Allah” makes clear reference to the warrior as the context of the word and the ayah is agreed upon among the fiqh scholars of the Companions, their Followers and those after him up until the time of Ibn Hazm.

Al-Qadi Abu Bakr ibn Al-`Arabi[8] said in Ahkam ul-Qur’an:

“Imam Malik said, ‘The Causes of Allah are many but I do not know of any dispute in that the intent of the Cause of Allah in the ayah here is none other than war.’ ” [9]

After citing the hadith of `Ata’ ibn Yassar previously referenced, Imam Muhammad ibn Al-Hasan Ash-Shaibani said in Al-Muwatta’,

“Muhammad has said, ‘By this understanding we know that the warrior is who is being referenced in the Cause of Allah.’ ” [10]

Imam Badr ud-Din Al-`Aini[11] has said in `Umdat ul-Qari:

“Ibn Al-Mundhir explained in his text Al-Ishraf: ‘The statement of Abu Hanifah and Al-Qadi Abu Yusuf is that the expression in the Cause of Allah refers to a warrior who is not wealthy and is enriched.

Abu Thawr narrated from Abu Hanifah that the warrior is less than the Hajj goer. Ibn Battal mentioned that this is the statement of Abu Hanifah, Malik and Ash-Shafi`ii. A similar statement was mentioned by Imam An-Nawawi in his commentary on Al-Muhadh-dhab.’

Ibn Al-Mundhir attributed to Abu Hanifah and his companions that they made it a condition that the warrior be poor in order for him to be a recipient of the Zakah as mentioned in the ayah.

The intent of this is clear and the ruling is that it is praiseworthy to give Zakah to the poor warrior headed out to battle as we have narrated from Imam Muhammad.” [12]

In deducing the evidence for the companions of Ash-Shafi`ii on that the intent of ‘in the Cause of Allah’ refers to warfare, Imam Yahya An-Nawawi in his Al-Majmu` said the following:

“Our Companions deduce as proof that the understanding is use. The immediate and first meaning of the expression ‘in the Cause of Allah, Exalted be He,’ goes to warfare. Most of what has come in the Mighty Qur’an using this expression refers to warfare.

The Companions of the School also deduce as proof of this the hadith, ‘Sadaqah is not permitted for the wealthy one except in the case of the fifth to be given.’ And of the categories he mentioned was the warrior. And of the eight categories mentioned in the ayah, no one has been given the title of combat besides those given a portion ‘in the Cause of Allah.’ ” [13]

The reality in the Revealed Law is immediately seen by the understanding used by the people of the Revealed Law.

[1] 499-560 AH (AD 1105-1165). He is Abul Muzaffar Yahya ibn Muhammad ibn Hubairah Ash-Shaibani Al-Baghdadi. Hanbali marja` and extensive writer on the topic of Usul ul-Fiqh.

[2] Al-Ifsah, pp. 106-108

[3] Al-Mudawwanah, vol.2, pp. 59-60

[4] 384-456 AH (AD 994-1064). He is Abu Muhammad `Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Sa`id ibn Hazm ibn Ghalib Al-Farsi Al-Qurtubi. Persian man of letters, he attempted to revive and popularise a contrived madhhab. He is often used by liberals and false academics in quoting bizarre legal understandings or for dispensations on agreed upon matters. cf. Ibn Al-`Imad in Shadharat udh-Dhahab, vol.3, pp. 296-299

[5] Al-Muhalla, vol.6, pp. 149-151

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[8] 468-543 AH (AD 1076-1149). He is Muhammad ibn `Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Ishbili Al-Maliki. Contemporary and student of Hujjat ul-Islam Al-Ghazzali, he is the author of many famous works and a high level authority in the Maliki school of fiqh. cf. Ibn Al-`Imad in Shadharat udh-Dhahab, vol.4, pp. 139-141

[9] Ahkam ul-Qur’an, vol.1, pp. 394-397

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[11] 762-855 AH (AD 1361-1451). He is Abu Muhammad Badr ud-Din Mahmud ibn Ahmad ibn Musa ibn Ahmad Al-`Aini Al-Hanafi. Hadith commentator and Hanafi marja`, he was Cairo’s most senior fiqh and hadith scholar in his time. He wrote the indispensable Hanafi commentator on Al-Bukhari, `Umdat ul-Qari Sharh Sahih il-Bukhari.

[12] `Umdat ul-Qari fi Sharh il-Bukhari, vol.4, pp. 390-392

[13] Al-Majmu` Sharh ul-Mahadh-dhab, vol.6, pp. 210-212


Figure A: Adnan Rashid: the look you give when you know that your opponent knows that you know you don’t know what you are talking about at all.

Here we have one of the rock stars of British Islam’s (the illegitimate daughter of that harlot, American Islam) dawah movement, Adnan Rashid. He does not deal with the discussion on dominant-recessive genes, as well as the long term change within the black power movement that went from manumission to reconstructionism, to the two pronged movement of Martin Luther King, Jr and on the other side Malcolm X.

Then afterward came the more insistent force of the black power movement that led to the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, US, the Slausons, the Hoover Groovers and this would later give birth (although accidental) to the gangs of the Crips and the Bloods and earlier than them the Vice Lords, Latin Kings and David Bakinsale and Larry Hoovers Gangster Disciples. This latest incarnation of the black power movement is Kemet.

All these movements are related in that they are an attempt by groups of people kidnapped from West Africa and brought to the United States and later renamed “blacks” (which is not a race but a name for a set of groups of people who have no rights, much the same way as is done with the legal brands Yugoslavia or Pakistan. None of these are actual races that go back in time but they are legal brands to classify people) to re-assert themselves as the culture to which they originally belong.

The attempt of these group of people (who are not one race, but are an amalgamated group called “blacks”) to come together and find their common origins is important as ever nation has a right to self determination and re-assertion of their identity.

Adnan Rashid is mixing religion with the issue on racial identity and the black power movement as an attempt to reconnect to who these people really are and their history.  To state that Africa is the mother and father of civilisation is an archaeological position. Anyone who studies the “Out of Africa theory” will understand that there is a scholarly position that all life started in Africa and streamed out through agriculturalists and hunter-gatherers following the migration routes of animals to different continents.

There is the “multiple origins theory” as well as the “Asia theory,” the “European theory” and so forth. These are all positions adopted based upon work in the field of archaeology, anthropology and so forth. To say that Africans are the origin of the human race and thus “the father and mother of mankind” is not racist, it is a scholarly determination that some scientists have reached (Ibn Khaldun as one of them, but he is more nuanced in stating that the ancient Egyptians were the first civilisation after the flood and possibly one of the main ones in the antediluvian age).

This is nothing to do with racism. It is interesting to note how outraged this Pakistani man (who is no different than a “black” in that he is a member of some  amalgamated body of people that live in the UK) is with the mere suggestion that Africa (particularly, dark skinned, Bantu Africa) is the mother of all civilisation, including his own.

To see the look on the fact of Rashid, Ali Dawah and others when they are told by black power adherents, “We are your mothers and fathers,” only demonstrates their racial bias and overtones. When someone tries to convince of Anglo-Israelism and other affairs, I don’t agree and present my findings (some of which are front the field work I have personally done) and sometimes I laugh at the sheer humour of it all.

You have to remember that Adnan Rashid, Hamzah, Ali Dawah come from backgrounds where there are words (shiddee, kala) and the like for dark skinned people and that when their “communities” arrived in the UK, US they made a very concerted effort not to live in the “darker skinned” communities. Reader, don’t let hip-hop culture fool you. Just because they like the music and play sing-a-long with Beyonce does not mean that their minds have changed. Watch the video and see the very UGLY FACE of British Islam.