Can You See?

Figure 1A: A Meeting Between Earthly Rulers and One of the Muslims

Figure 1A: A Meeting Between Earthly Rulers and One of the Muslims

I had discussed some years ago the “Vaticanisation Project” of Islam going on in the English speaking world and how they would commandeer the faith by having it granted “state recognition.”

We have seen examples of this five years on since the articles were originally written on the topic. A more recent example is that of Shaikh `Abdullah bin Bayyah, who found it necessary or commendable to visit the White House and have a detailed discussion with the President of the United States on a number of topics.

One of those was demanding intervention in Syria (those at the gate of earthly rulers often have a ear drum pounding naiveté about fleshly men when it comes to righteousness and doing what is upright).

In addition to that, he has been in talks with Bill Gates and other influential carnal figures. What is unsettling about these matters is the lack of street smarts present in the people having meetings with earthly men.

“If you eat dinner with Shaitan, better have a long fork,” my maternal grandfather would counsel; but those involved have their arm around the wolf and are calling him brother. We will need to watch over the coming years in order to fully gauge the ripple effect of such meetings.

Figure 2A: Shaikh `Abdullah Bin Bayyah sharing a platform with known cultists and their supporters only last year.

Figure 2A: Shaikh `Abdullah Bin Bayyah sharing a platform with known cultists and their supporters only last year.

I advise Slaves of Allah again that if you compromise and share platforms with cultists or unbelievers that you will suffer in the long run, irrespective of whatever visionary plans you might have in your mind.

Figure 3A: Shaikh Bin Bayyah next to Yusuf al-Qardawi, known Salafi ideologue and two other unknown men.

Figure 3A: Shaikh Bin Bayyah next to Yusuf al-Qardawi (known Salafi ideologue) and two other unknown men.

If the Slaves of Allah in positions of authority are not careful, they could bring sin upon themselves and those who do not have diplomatic immunity stamped in their passports. And with Allah is every success.

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali


9 responses to “Can You See?

  1. Salam Shakyh

    I hope u are well inshallah

    I have to disagree. Someone has to engage/ give dawah to these people. I like to recommend u remove this article, please do not take offense

  2. Assalaam alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

    If people disagree with what is being said then there should be discussion. Advocating that comments/statements you disagree with should simply be retracted doesn’t lead to anything constructive.

    Asking for intervention in Syria is highly naive when one considers American history and their foreign policy record. When have they ever intervened for purely humanitarian reasons? It shouldn’t take long to figure out or at least recall that they only intervene when it suits their political and/or economic interests. Now, with the fallout from the “Arab Spring” coming into view as Egypt slips back into crisis, many in the west are becoming confused:

    The writer points out that the case for intervention in Syria is now hopelessly compromised. In general, they’re finding it hard to determine who the good guys are. Isn’t it strange that certain, prominent Muslims think Assad should just be removed under any circumstances while those who are not Muslim are actually being a lot more prudent?

    As for Bill Gates, please do more research into his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and look up his work with vaccines, especially the polio vaccine in India, and also look up his relationship with Monsanto, a company that his foundation has significant shares in. The picture that is linked above is from the Global Vaccination Summit that took place in Abu Dhabi last April, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah was one of the speakers.

    One may suggest that this was just da’wa, but it actually comes across as an endorsement of what Bill Gates is doing.

    • Ws
      Actually one of the reasons why I was saying it should be removed because some might say the same about Asad and shaykh Buti (ra).

      As for the bill gates thing about endorsement, that’s speculation and it should be avoided. I m paying tax to the uk government doesn’t mean I supported the war in in Iraq

      I m sure. You. Are familiar with Musa (as) and pharon story.

      • Assalaam alaykum,

        First of all Sheikh Al-Bouti did what he was supposed to do, as a faqih, with regards to the rulers and people of Syria. Here are series of fatawa you should consider (and some are included in videos as well). The fourth video in a series called فتبينوا is this one:

        which deals with his supposed siding with the regime. There are numerous fatawa that are quoted in which Sheikh Al-Bouti, may Allah have mercy on him, makes it clear that he he wants to command good and forbid evil, and that it’s not about sides. These fatawa are as follows (with summaries):


        In this fatwa, the Sheikh is asked about his position on events in Syria and what is best for the country. He replies that the issue is not the regime but commanding good and forbidding evil. He says that he does not make dua for the regime to remain or for it to be removed, because Allah has not commanded him to be preoccupied with such matters. As for demonstrations, commanding good and forbidding evil would be better, i.e. encourage people to leave off sin and engage in righteous action instead. He also says that killing without right is one of the greatest sins.


        In this fatwa, the Sheikh makes it clear that again, the problem is not the regime but the fact that Syrians and Muslims are ignorant of America and Europe’s wider plan (at the behest of Israel) to break up Syria.


        Here the Sheikh is asked about demonstrating in support of the regime, and he says that both sides carry the same hukm, which is the obligation to cut off anything leading to the haraam.


        Again, the Sheikh is asked about what position people should take and he answers by saying: ‘Who told you the solution is to stand with the regime?’ He then explains that people should be warned about the dangerous plot against Syria, mentioned in the second fatwa, and thus one should not call for the end of the regime but instead command good and forbid evil.

        The above fatawa are all from the fourth video. The sheikh mentions three fatawa in the the third video regarding killing:


        Question: (A person forced to kill is considered a criminal in the Revealed Law even though he is under duress)

        My distinguished sheikh, I am a soldier in the Syrian army and we have differed with some people here with regards to what we should do if our commanding officer orders us to fire at demonstrators with live bullets; should we obey the command or not? Please note that if we do not fire at demonstrators then we will certainly be killed and we want an answer from the Revealed Law, as we all trust your knowledge, so that we know what to do. Please give us an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

        Answer (from the great scholar and martyr, Muḥammad Saʿīd Ramaḍān Al-Būṭī):

        “The jurists have specified that the person who is forced to kill without right is not allowed to comply with the person who is forcing him to do so, even if he knows that he will be killed if he does not comply. This is because the two crimes are equal in severity, and thus it is not permissible for the one forced to kill to prefer his life over the life of another innocent person like him.”

        Please note that this is standard Shafi’i fiqh, and can be read in detail in Al-Fiqh Al-Manhaji, v.3 p.352-353, in the chapter on ikrah, or compulsion.


        Question: (The ruling regarding someone who transgresses the bounds of his occupation)

        As-salām ʿalaykum dear respected Doctor, may Allah bless us through you, preserve you and prolong your life. Dear respected Doctor, I am from the village of Ziyara, close to the city of Jisr al-Shughur. My dearly respected, poor sir, there was never a day in which I participated in demonstrations and I will never participate, but my dear sir, the army entered our house as part of an inspection operation and they inspected the men, the women and even the children. The inspection of the women was done in a despicable manner and they put their hands on their bodies and touched their private parts in front of our eyes. My brother couldn’t bear it and he attacked them with his hands and then each one of them took part in killing him. Is he thus considered a martyr? Could you please send a letter to the army with the knowledge that our village is Bedouin and they have sworn an oath to take blood revenge for what the army has done to them? Dear sir, we ask you to please clarify this matter, for we trust your knowledge. Thank you very much.

        Answer (from the great scholar and martyr, Muḥammad Saʿīd Ramaḍān Al-Būṭī):

        “Indeed this criminal who has transgressed the bounds of his occupation and committed what his natural impulses desire is the assailant, even if your brother hurried him and he is the one who fought him; his blood (i.e. the soldier’s) is not protected by the Revealed Law of Allah, and you should know, my brother, that actions like these are instigated by people many of whom have not received any intellectual or behavioural education. Indeed, their crowd is not free of vile and wicked people, and therefore it is inevitable that safe houses or some of them will be exposed to such regrettable crimes. If only you knew the name of this criminal or the military could track him; then I could help you inform those in command of his crime. I have no doubt that he will receive his just reward and he will be a lesson for others.”


        Question: (How come no fatwā regarding the unlawfulness of killing demonstrators has appeared on television)?

        Where is Syria going… you gave a fatwā to someone who asked you stating that it is not permissible to kill demonstrators…so why don’t you appear on television and announce and repeat this fatwā. By Allah, if you were to announce this fatwā on television, a great deal of Syrian blood would be spared.

        Answer (from the great scholar and martyr, Muḥammad Saʿīd Ramaḍān Al-Būṭī):

        “I have said this before, and I said it in my last televised speech. Did you not hear me quote the statement of the Messenger of Allah: “Whoever goes out against my Ummah, attacking the righteous and sinful among them and does not restrain himself from the believers of the Ummah and does not fulfill the pledges he has with others, then he is not from my Ummah.” (Related by Muslim and Aḥmad) Is there any warning or prohibition regarding what I have already said that is clearer and more forceful than that which has been mentioned by the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace?”

        And if you watch the third video (which should be available in English soon, insha’Allah) from about 2:30, you will see the Sheikh quote the hadith above and say that it applies to everyone, government officials and ordinary people.

        In conclusion, if you examine Sheikh Al-Bouti’s positions firsthand, based on his own words, may Allah have mercy on him, it’s actually a very different picture to that portrayed by those in favour of the rebels.

        As for Bill Gates and you paying taxes, I’m afraid that’s a very poor analogy. If you didn’t pay your taxes you would be arrested and charged with tax evasion and then fined and/or imprisoned. In other words, you are compelled to do so under the threat of force. As for Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, was he forced to attend the global vaccine summit? Was he forced to speak at it? I ask the latter question because he was a panel speaker under the topic of how to immunise every child in the world:

        “Reaching Every Child: An Immunization Call to Action
        A look at how the full global community is committed to ensuring children everywhere have access to vaccines. We will discuss how countries, communities, companies and others can partner to build strong, sustainable immunization programs – with polio eradication as a key milestone and our frontline workers as our most critical heroes – making child health a long-standing, impactful priority.

        Moderator: Mayssoun Azzam, News Presenter & Journalist
        Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF
        Muhammad Saad Abubakar III, Sultan of Sokoto, Nigeria
        Cyrus Poonawalla, Chairman and Managing Director, Serum Institute of India
        Sania Nishtar, Federal Minister for Education and Training, Science and Technology and Information Technology, Pakistan
        Bekele Geleta, Secretary General, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
        Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah, King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia”


        Have a look for yourself and you’ll see that I’m certainly not speculating.

        As for your allusion to the story of Musa, alayhi al-salaam and Pharoah, again, this is a very poor analogy for a number of reasons:

        1) Musa, alayhi al-salaam, was a Prophet and Messenger and he was commanded by Allah to warn Pharaoh.

        2) That’s right: warn. Did Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah warn Bill Gates about the effects of the polio vaccine in India, or about the havoc that Monsanto is wreaking upon the world’s food supply? No. Rather, he was simply praised as being ‘a great mind’.

        3) Did Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah warn those in the White House about their actions, in the Middle East and elsewhere? No. Rather, he invited them in to do more of the same. Yes, he wants them to do “the right thing” now but history will tell him that this has actually never happened. If your house is on fire, you don’t ask a notorious arsonist and pyromaniac to put it out.

        4) Last but certainly not least: is there any mention of any of these earthly figures being invited to accept Islam?

        Allah knows best and with Him alone is every success.



  3. assalaamu alaikum wr wbrktuhu,

    Could you please write an article on the debate of “civil” vs “theocratic” vs “secular/liberal” state ? There seems to be an absence of what the orthodox Sunni view on this issue is and what counts truly as an “islamic state” that Muslims have to support and work towards. Does orthodox Sunni Islam agree with the Muslim Brotherhood concept of state ? Do we have to necessarily oppose their system (of course, without supporting Westernized forces) ? Some blame the MB system for the loss of South Sudan for example.

    The media have recently started to use “islamist state” in a totally negative light and i believe it necessary that scholars defend the “islamic state” and remove misconceptions and differentiate it from false views of MB or Mawdudi or Salafi “jihadi” notions, if any.

    Jazakallah Khair

  4. As-salamu ‘alaykum

    Dear Shaykh:

    You are very open and forthright in your opinions. I commend you for that.

    I look forward to reading more in-depth refutations of the modernist cult. It is heartrending to observe how even once orthodox ‘ulama have now begun promoting modernist aberrations. It is good to see that there are people like you out there.

    May Allah guide and help us all.

  5. Figure 3A : INFORMATION :

    Know that Nuh Ham Mim NMH Keller is the man next to Yusuf al-Qardawi, on his left side… They are friends…

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