British Islam: Lie…Yes, Even if its in Your Books

Figure 1A: The face of that pure, egalitarian and civil British and American Islam

British Islam (like the harlot that gave birth to it, American Islam), is painfully unaware of the sources of Islam and accurately explaining them to an audience that is not Muslim. The audience that is not Muslim does not have the beliefs of the Muslims and wants to understand why they are following the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

In the video below, the devotee of British Islam, when faced with a problem or piece of literature decides that rather than dealing with it will deny the entire corpus of hadith out of hand. When the interlocutor asks how he could deny text that Muslim Orthodoxy has checked and found authentic for the past 1400 years (when the unbeliever talking about Islam makes more sense than the religious zealot, you now see the problem), the religious zealot says that other scholars don’t feel that way and neither does he.

When pressed by the unbeliever to name them, our zealot falters and resorts to the normal tactics in the Anglosphere Islam that we have highlighted time AND time again. Please watch it through for a most interesting view!

2 thoughts on “British Islam: Lie…Yes, Even if its in Your Books”

  1. Salamun ‘alaykum.

    I failed to understand the greater context of a lot of your posts discussing the Anglosphere until you ironed it out in the discourse you had with Mahdi Lock’s blog. It was then I understood why you was addressing the issues.

    I understand that Muslims in the west a playing a game of tic, tac toe with their faith and attempting to explain Islam to the west as if it was some pacifist nursery rhyme encouraging people to bury their heads and not worry about problems that blatantly exist.

    I do feel, however, you must be more outspoken on these issues and give people the greater picture, as just one piece to the puzzle of what you are getting at can be misconstrued. Perhaps, it would be useful to also link these posts to your interview with Mahdi Lock.


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