Figure 1A: All he had was his colours.

As a youth I witnessed the entrance en mass of Samoans and Tongans into the West Coast gang culture and quickly make the mark. UBN, SOS were just a few Blood equivalents that came about due to Blood gang recognition of Samoans. Tongans jumped into the Crip gangs for the most part. Not long after, we could see the same destructive behaviour  being exhibited. I remember witnessing the Tongan Crip gang form. It just happened.

This is why I constantly get annoyed when I see idiots (yes, idiots. Internet numbskulls) in New York, Europe or anywhere else try to emulate that stuff which came out of necessity but also certain conditions that were necessary in order for it to appear.

Idiots in the aforementioned areas act as if this stuff is “cool” when the people in it don’t think it’s cool. It is something they do because they have joined and have a sense of duty. You need to understand that the guy in that footage was not thinking about his mom, dad, uncle, brother, wife or kids. He was thinking about the only thing he had: his colours. his uniform. That’s it.

I can just imagine that guy sitting at his table eyeing up the witness (who was probably giving evidence against him or the neighbourhood in some type of plea bargain or witness protection gig). “Can’t let that guy do that,” he Tongan banger speaks to his soul.

“He’s disrespecting the uniform and the colour of the set. That’ s a DV (death violation) and a KAOS (kill with arms or on site). I better do it myself.” Done.

He had no qualms about his personal sacrifice or anything about that. It needed to be done and he was going to do it.

Reader: If you don’t set up a family and teach your kids loyalty, hatred of racism, love for your people (Puerto Rican, English, Arab..whatever, something), then they will CREATE or FIND some type of structure. And you might not like the outcome.

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